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Swiftshield Automatic boat covers

  • Differentiate your business with a hot new product that is sure to make your customers excited and their friends jealous.

  • With a hydraulic mechanism by Sunstream, your digiShapes boat cover automatically cover/uncovers your boat with a perfect, custom fit!

  • Sell more to your existing customers and attract new ones.

  • Watch for yourself with this reaction from boaters (youtube link Ft Lauderdale show)

Digital Mooring Covers

  • Digitally measure boat in less than an hour and we do the rest.

  • Maximize the $ per hour and best utilize your talent.

  • Instandly increase your capacity, and stop turning away jobs.

  • Know your costs and margins up front, no ordering material!

  • Impress your customers with high-tech amorphous panel design and fast lead time!

How does it work?

We craft elegant solutions with powerful technology.

  1. Digitally measure boat using a digiPen or other 3D measurement solution.

  2. Upload points onto our easy and fast online ordering system.

  3. Our project engineers flatten, nest, and create sewing drawings for your project.

  4. Project information is saved to our library for easy reordering

  5. We make the cover and ship it to you!  Email and text alerts notify customers when product has shipped.

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